MyMosque App

Please note that this app isn’t always up-to-date and sometimes it takes the MyMosque team a while to upload the latest times, and so the times may be blank in the app. Please refer to the Salah times on this website if this is the case, in the meantime.

Some Islamic app developers have come together to develop ‘MyMosque’, a UK based free application which is available for iOS or Android device users. The sole purpose of the app is to easily connect Mussalis (worshippers) with Masaajid (places of worship). The application offers a platform for each individual Mosque to publish their own prayer times, updates etc, and we are pleased to announce that Masjid Tooba is now listed on the MyMosque directory. That means that you can download the app and make use of all its great features, with correct information for the Wigan and surrounding areas.

Click on the buttons below to download for your device:

Once the app is installed, open the app and go to Menu > Masajid List/Directory and search for “Wigan” or “Masjid Tooba”. Then set it as your local mosque. If you click on the ‘Prayer Times’ button in the Masjid Tooba profile, you can switch on/off Adhan Notifications (alarm).

Some of the benefits include:

– Latest prayer times, with daily view

The application displays the Salah times for that particular day, saving you the hassle of looking through the usual monthly prayer times table. You can also view times for the rest of the year.

– Adhaan alarm

The application can be set to play the first Takbeer (Allah hu Akbar) of the Adhaan at the beginning time of each prayer. This is great as a reminder to pray. It’s like an alarm thats automatically set at the beginning time of each Salah.

– Qibla direction

The application has a Qibla direction compass built in. This can easily show you in which direction you need to pray.

– Ask Imam Facility

The application provides a question/answer service. Please note that questions submitted through this will be answered by the mosque management and should be used for general enquiries. All enquiries specifically for the Imam should be sent via email. There maybe a delay in your response as we do not regularly check the question/answer forum.

– Push notifications

Get all the latest information directly to your phone through the app, inc Ramadhan/Eid updates, dates, events etc.

We encourage all locals to download and install the app, as it provides a good platform to keep connected. For help with downloading, installation or any other technical issues, or to give your feedback, please contact:

(Please note that we have not uploaded the Jamaat times, only the Beginning times for each Salah. The Jamaat times are set weekly each Friday. Please note that the Mosque is only open at Jammat times so if you visit the Mosque at the Beginning time as displayed in the App, then the Mosque may NOT be open.)

New Masjid (Covid) Rules (Dec 2021) MUST be followed: READ HERE