The Youth Project

Wigan is a beautiful place to live, work and study but unfortunately, even though we have a fully featured Mosque, we don’t have a strong Muslim community centre-point. Therefore, as part of our effort to built a stronger Muslim community here in Wigan, we have started ‘The Youth Project’.

The Youth Project is basically a community-driven effort to bring all Muslims who reside in Wigan together, so that Islam can flourish in Wigan for generations to come.

With the help of Allah (Suba-hana Wata’ala), The Youth Project has already started bringing the community together by;

  • Hosting monthly social events at the Masjid, as a get-together for the community.
  • Organising occasional outdoor youth pursuits, such as hiking to Rivington Pike.
  • Providing the Masjid premises for use as a base for young people to meet and pray/work/socialise.

The Youth Project is supported by many locals.

Usually, on the last Sunday of every month, the Masjid hosts a youth activity for Adults and Children. Everybody is welcome.

It is an opportunity for the Muslim community of Wigan to come together and socialise. Sometimes we host BarBQ’s, competitions and football matches etc. It’s fun and unites the local community.

It usually runs from Zhuhr time (1pm) to Asr time (around 6pm).

For more information, please contact the Imam:

If you work or reside in Wigan and would like to get involved with the Muslim community, we would love to hear from you. Muslim or not, young or old, doesn’t matter. Everybody is welcome. The best way to keep in touch is via the mosques email address:

This is a community driven project and so WE NEED YOUR IDEAS. Please come forward and support our project by joining our programmes and activities. Our primary aim is to make the Masjid alive!