Tablighi Ja’maat (Society For Spreading Faith)

Do NOT ring the Mosque directly for bookings!
For all Tablighi Jamaat Bookings, contact Brother Yusuf on 07787785998

Please note that all visits must be approved and pre-arranged in advanced. Those groups who arrive without pre-approved permission may be declined permission to stay.

Tablighi Jamaat is an international Islamic movement which aims to keep the light of Islam ignited through Dawah (the spreading of the Islamic faith). The movement is open to anybody and typically consists in visiting other Mosques for a period of time (generally three days) for self-rectification and to spread the faith to others. The movement is completely peaceful and based on the teachings of Prophet Muhammed PBUH and his companions, and aims to instill the basic etiquettes of Islam into everyone, which include; good manners, respect, humbility, generosity, to be caring etc.

Masjid Tooba welcomes members of Tablighi Jamaat to come and visit Wigan. Masjid Tooba provides use of the following;

  • Toilets, Whadu Khana and Shower Facilities
  • Sleeping Areas
  • Three Prayer Halls
  • On-site Vehicle Parking
  • Basic Islamic Literature
  • and more
New Masjid (Covid) Rules (Dec 2021) MUST be followed: READ HERE