Second Floor Project

Would you like to see the plan drawings?

AlhamduLillah (thankfully) with the help and grace of Allah (God), Masjid Tooba is rapidly becoming more popular and therefore the previous building structure was unable to cope with hosting the needs of the amount of worshipers. Therefore plans were made to construct a second floor over the main prayer hall and the second (ladies) prayer hall.

Also with the help of Allah (God) and the local community who contributed time, energy and donated towards the project, the construction of the second floor was successful and has come to completion. The Mosques working committee thanks all those who donated or assisted with the project, and all those who made Dua (made prayers) for the successful completion of the project.

Please have a look at pictures of the Mosque in our online gallery.

Those who missed the opportunity to donate before construction took place, there is still an opportunity to donate and the gain the pleasure and reward of Allah (God) the almighty. Please contribute your donations here.