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Track and Trace Requirement
Due to track and trace requirements, can all visitors who attend the Masjid please fill in and leave their contact details in the Masjid, via:

1) You can come with a filled in slip (with your details) and leave in plastic wallet at entrance before the prayer hall or upstairs hall. Blank slips will also be available.

Or 2) You can fill out the form via the button below or on the bottom of this page.
Track and Trace Form

Insha’Allah the Masjid will remain open in the latest lockdown as long as we ALL follow the specified guidelines below.

From the Masjid Risk Assessment and reduced capacity due to social distancing please follow the following guidelines if you wish to attend:

Covid Rules

  • You must bring your own Prayer Mat
  • You must bring your own mask
  • Sanitize hands when entering and leaving, and regularly
  • No hand shaking or hugging 
  • No children under 15 y/o allowed
  • No ladies allowed
  • Those aged 70 and over and/or medically vulnerable, diplaying symptoms or been in contact with a Covid patient should not attend
  • Those shielding please follow Govt guidelines
  • Please leave promptly, as soon as the Imam does Salaam. The remaining salat or other optional worship should be carried out at home
  • Please do not hang around inside the masjid or in the car park
  • Please follow the instructions of the Covid Masjid Marshalls/Wardens who are here to protect us all
  • Please come prepared with wudu, as there will be no wudu facilities

Jumu’ah Salah – every Friday

  • 1st Jumu’ah Time: 12.45pm
  • 2nd Jumu’ah Time: 1:30pm

Those living near the masjid are requested to attend the second salat for both Eid and Juma as that will enable us to use the main hall and side room with social distancing.

General Information

Everyone is requested to follow the above guidance and help keep yourself and others safe whilst on Masjid premises. Your co-operation will be fully appreciated.

Guidelines may change as and when necessary. Check back on this webpage for more information.

Please forward this notice to your contacts connected to the Masjid.

By Trustees and Management
08/01/2020, 10.00am.

Track and Trace Requirement Form

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Please read the Covid-19 guidance and Masjid Opening Information HERE