Taraweeh – 8 Rakaat or 20 Rakaat? Posted June 22, 2015 by admin


The document below shows clear evidence of the establishment of 20 Rakaat Taraweeh during the reign of the Sahaba RA (companions of the Prophet SAW).

Basically, it is evident (from the below document) that the Sahaba RA established 20 Rakaat Taraweeh. And should it have been more beneficial for Muslims to pray 8 Rakaat, then why would the Sahaba RA establish 20 Rakaat?

Were the Sahaba RA wrong to establish 20 Rakaats (NauzubIllah)?

The practice of 20 Rakaat in Taraweeh has also been performed in the Haramain Sharifain for centuries, and the practice continues till today. Any person with common sense and who understand the Greatness of the Sahaba RA will be able to draw the correct conclusion.

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